Criminal Law

logo The Law Office of Kevin Higgins provides aggressive and compassionate representation to individuals charged with any criminal offense. Criminal convictions can have consequences reaching far beyond any possible jail sentence, including loss of valuable rights and licenses. Criminal charges alone can lead to the loss of employment or other embarrassments within the community. Kevin Higgins will work tirelessly beginning to end to minimize the impact of any allegation.

Whether you are charged with a low level misdemeanor, a serious felony, or anything in between, you need a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to not only guide you through the process, but to build your defense. Kevin Higgins is dedicated to ensuring that his clients’ defenses are heard, understood, and felt in the courtroom and beyond.

The Law Office of Kevin Higgins handles all violation, misdemeanor, felony, and juvenile delinquency cases, including: DUI and other motor vehicle related offenses, alcohol related offenses; property offenses; weapons, drugs, and sex offenses; and offenses related to assault, domestic violence and self-defense.

Family Law

The Law Office of Kevin Higgins represents clients with matters that fall under the “family law” umbrella. Most commonly, these are dissolution/divorce, child custody, grandparents' custody/visitation, and domestic violence protective order cases.

Situations involving domestic violence often demand an aggressive approach to both protect families from abusers and defend the innocent against spurious allegations. Kevin Higgins’ experience as a criminal attorney will provide you the representation you need in civil matters involving domestic violence.

In other family law matters, however, a “scorched-earth” approach has little value, other than running up legal bills. In dissolutions and divorces, the court will divide the marital estate equitably under the circumstances. In custody cases, the court will act in the best interests of the children. While Kevin Higgins will dedicate himself to ensuring the process is fair, your story is told, and your family’s needs provided for, he will not engage in needless, mean-spirited litigation. Custody is about the children, not the parents. Marital estates are for the members of the former partnership, not their lawyers.

For more information about family law and resources available to the general public, visit the Alaska Court System’s website.

Cannabis Law

The Law Office of Kevin Higgins is actively and passionately engaged in the emerging field of cannabis law. After years of successfully defending people charged with crimes for possessing or producing cannabis, Kevin is pleased to offer consultation and general legal services related to compliance with the still-developing statewide statutory and regulatory framework, as well local ordinances.

Because the areas of law that overlap for cannabis businesses are many and complicated, there will be times when Kevin cannot answer your specific question. In such instances, Kevin will provide you with the referral and introduction you need to timely make important decisions affecting your business.

Should you or your employee be charged with a violation or criminal offense for non-compliance, the Law Office of Kevin Higgins should be your first call. Kevin’s knowledge, experience, and commitment to the plant itself will provide you with the defense you need.

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