Law Office of Kevin Higgins

The Law Office of Kevin Higgins provides complete, professional, and personalized legal representation to people throughout Southeast Alaska.


Working together with you

Whether it is your freedom, family, or finances at stake, Kevin Higgins will work with you to make sure that he understands your personal situation to help you identify and achieve your goals.


Call for a consultation

Thorough investigation and intelligent pre-trial litigation are the cornerstones of every case handled by the Law Office of Kevin Higgins. When negotiated resolutions are not desirable, you will feel confident that Kevin Higgins' courtroom training and experience will give you the best opportunity to make sure that a judge or jury not only hears and understands your case, but feels it as well.





Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

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Contact the Law Office of Kevin Higgins to arrange an initial consultation. Kevin Higgins provides both complete and unbundled/discrete task representation to provide you with the level of service appropriate to your case and your budget.


All state/federal felonies, misdemeanors and violations, including: DUIs, alcohol, drug, weapons, motor vehicle, assault, domestic violence, and property-related offenses.

Family Law:

Dissolution, divorce, custody, adoptions, and domestic violence protective orders

Cannabis Law:

State and local compliance, civil defense, criminal defense